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Construction Law Attorneys in Anacortes and Mt. Vernon, WA

The laws for construction projects, contractors, designers, material suppliers, developers, and even lenders are complex. If you are a property owner, taking on a construction or remodel project can be daunting, working with an experienced construction law attorney can help to prevent problems that interfere with the success of the project.

Serving Bellingham, Oak Harbor, Skagit, WA and Surrounding Areas

From small home maintenance work to major public works projects, and for owners, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, and design professionals, we are construction lawyers who offer support and services from the project planning stage to post-construction.
With many years as engineers working in all aspects of project managment and construction, we understand the complexities of the construction industry. From small maintenance work to major public works projects dealing with all the laws associated to construction projects, contractors, designers, material suppliers, developers and even the lenders can be an overwhelming experience. By consulting with an experienced construction attorney it can assist in making sure that your projects run accordingly.
A construction law contract in Mt Vernon, WA
We can help with -
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Liens
  • Licensing & Regulation
  • Project Management
  • Employees
  • Bonds
  • Warranties
  • Insurance
  • Litigation
  • Negotiations, Arbitration, Mediation
Why hire construction law attorneys?
Construction law attorneys know the complexities of both construction and contract law, and can help you avoid serious legal problems. With the legal complexities in construction, even the best contractors and most astute property owners find they may have taken action - or failed to take action - that will result in a dispute. A dispute can escalate to a lawsuit, and construction lawsuits are expensive. Construction law attorneys help contractors and property owners avoid these disputes with sound and clear contracts from the start. The construction lawyer's support throughout the project will help you be aware of critical dates, how to handle changes properly, and quickly resolve disputes.
Why hire a construction attorney?
Attorney, Alan Souder, has years of experience managing Public Works projects as a professional engineer. While Kathy Souder, business and case manager, spent over twenty years as an engineer, initiating and overseeing dozens of construction and environmental projects. This unique combination makes the Souders Law Group an effective construction legal team. We have served many Skagit construction companies, businesses, and property owners during the recent challenging years when the industry and owners faced the domino effects of the economical downturn. Getting the advice of an experienced construction lawyer at the start of your project or business can help you become a successful.
As a Skagit based law firm, Souders Law Group has helped property owners and contractors throughout Northwest Washington. Each county of Washington has differing legal requirements in dealing with lawsuits, and this may make a substantial difference in your deciding whether to pursue legal action in a dispute. For example a dispute in a Skagit construction project may be required to be heard and decided through mandatory arbitration if it is less than $50,000. This is not true in Island or San Juan County. Alan's experience as a construction lawyer in these counties can help you understand the proper venue for your case in making decisions about your claim or defense.