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Powers of Attorney - $199
We prepare a set of Powers of Attorney for each person for $199. The set consists of a Durable General Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (also called a Medical Power of Attorney) naming one person as your attorney-in-fact plus an alternate attorney-in-fact in each Power of Attorney. The flat rate includes notarizing and witnessing your signing at our Anacortes office, if requested.
Health Care Directive (also known as a Living Will) - $25 per person
The flat rate includes witnessing your signing at our Anacortes office, if requested.
Community Property Agreement - $50
The flat rate includes notarizing your signings at our Anacortes office.
These Aren't Just Forms!
Your estate planning documents are important legal instruments that give others authority to act for you, and instructions that have significant legal protections. Our flat rates include advice and discussion with you during the document preparation on legal and practical issues associated with your powers of attorney, living will, or community property agreement. Our advice includes how to work with family members and friends, financial institutions, agencies, medical providers, and others so that your decisions are recognized and acted on.
If we witness and notarize your documents, you may call on us to attest to their legitimacy if challenged, or to give you additional advice about using them. Unlike internet forms or those bought from form providers, we support you with the professional services you may need to confirm your decisions. While this additional help is not included in the flat rate, you have peace of mind knowing you may turn to your attorney for support.
We provide you with the original signed documents, plus two copies. If you wish, we keep a copy of your signed powers of attorney for you, in case you lose your originals.
If you don't wish to sign the documents at our Anacortes office, you may choose to have the documents faxed or emailed to you so that you may arrange for execution with someone else. We can also execute the documents with you at another location, such as your home or the hospital. Please see our Notary Public page for our mobile services rates.
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