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Flat Rate Services

Flat Rate Services from Souders Law Group
We offer fixed rates for the following services.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations may be in person at either our Anacortes or Mount Vernon office.

30-minute initial consultation for $100 – For most matters such as estate planning, contracts, general property and business issues, real estate transactions, and divorces.

1-hour initial consultation for $200 - For litigations, serious disputes involving contracts, property, or businesses, regulatory compliance issues, complex business matters, and probates.

  • You may discuss the legal issue with the attorney
  • The attorney will discuss the laws associated with your issue
  • The attorney will offer both legal and practical options for you to consider
  • The attorney will discuss how the Souders Law Group can help with those options
  • You may choose to engage Souders Law Group for services
If you choose to engage the Souders Law Group for help, we will prepare a proposed scope of work and estimate in a Legal Services Agreement for your consideration and signature.
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Once you have had an initial consultation and agreed to engage the Souders Law Group to represent you or your business, you will be able to take advantage of our other flat rate services. Read the section, "Why an Initial Consultation" on the bottom of this page for an explanation of why we require an initial consultation with you.
Our flat rates are available for straightforward, uncomplicated matters using our standard templates.
Powers of Attorney - $199 per person
Powers of Attorney for a married couple - $299
Health Care Directive - $25 per person
Community Property Agreement - $50

Real Estate Services

- Call us for details
Quit Claim Deed- $400 for our work (Skagit Co. Only)
[Does not include expenses such as those paid to the county]

Notary Public

- Click for details

Business Services

- Call us for details
Single Member LLC - $600 plus Washington State fee; includes operating agreement
Two Member Incorporation , inclusive of by-laws or Two Member LLC Formation, inclusive of operating agreement - $800 plus Washington State fee

Please Note: If either the Incorporation or LLC Formation extends beyond two members, fees will associate to an hourly rate.
Why an Initial Consultation?
Lawyers represent clients. This means there is an important relationship that obliges the attorney to vigorously advocate for the client and maintain confidentiality according to a set of ethical standards. The client needs to feel the attorney understands his or her situation and is comfortable with the attorney-client relationship.
The initial consultation is the first chance for both you - the potential client - and the attorney to meet and figure out whether a good attorney-client relationship will be established. It is also the time for the attorney to share his or her knowledge of the law with you. Many times - in fact almost half of the time - our attorney can present options so that the person, business, or family can take action without needing to engage us as their attorney. Many people just need to understand a little more about the law and their options so that they can make decisions.
We are not form providers such as you may find on the internet or with non-attorneys. Our attorney will provide information pertinent to your situation, and, if engaged as your attorney, will serve as your legal advisor and advocate.
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Initial Consultation
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