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Notary Public
Mobile Notary, Witnessing, and Other Services
The Souders Law Group has notaries available to notarize documents, witness signatures, and certify or attest a copy. We can usually give you same day service in our Anacortes office. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment with a notary.
Rates for notary service at our Anacortes location:
$10 for each signature witnessed or attested
$10 for each certification of a copy or an event
Rates for witness service at our Anacortes location:
$10 for each signature witnessed
Please Note: We do not notarize legal documents such as Wills or Powers of Attorney unless prepared by a licensed attorney, due to liability problems and confusion over whether one of our attorneys provided legal advice or other services. This means we do not notarize documents downloaded from the internet, prepared from commercially available forms, or prepare by yourself or another individual. We reserve the right to decline to notarize any document.
Copying and faxing may be done at nearby stores or other service providers. We no longer offer copying and faxing services due to sales tax complications.
Mobile notary or witness service is available to existing clients only when a client needs to have one of the notaries come to his or her home, the hospital, or other locations in the Anacortes/Fidalgo Island area. Appointments outside of normal working hours may be arranged in emergencies.
Notary services outside of the Anacortes/Fidalgo Island area - including at our Mount Vernon office - must be scheduled in advance. Appointments time may be limited.
Our mobile notary and witness services rate is $75 per hour plus $.60 per mile traveled for the round trip from our Anacortes office to your location.
Have the documents in order and ready for signature.
Have valid identification to show to the Notary.
Be ready to confirm to the Notary that you understand what you are signing.
Do not sign the document until the Notary can witness your signature.
NOTE: The notary public or witness will not provide legal advice or services. He or she will not review your document for completeness, proper format, errors, or validity. If you need legal advice or review, please arrange beforehand to have a consultation with Alan or Tom. For an additional travel fee, either attorney may schedule your consultation at your home, the hospital, or another location.
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